Sunday, 19 May 2013

The Migraine Punishment

Today I have suffered the wrath of The Migraine Punishment.

This is what happens when I follow all the rules of my lifestyle management but because I got excited about something and really enjoyed it, I get punished with a migraine.

Yesterday was Eurovision day.  I love Eurovision, I have done for as long as I can remember.  I've only missed it once in my living memory and that was when I was working whilst at university.
This year I went all out and watched (and marked of course) both of the semi-finals during the week as well which built up the event much more and was fantastic fun at the time.

Normally I go to a big Eurovision party but with my health lately I decided it would be wise to instead just have a couple of friends round to our house, some snacks, scorecards and of course, Eurovision bingo!

I took it easy during the day, though I did do some tidying of the front room before my friends arrived.  I had nothing planned for the following day, it was all as low key as I could possibly make it.

But I was as excited as Pinkie Pie on a party day, especially with the very exciting Doctor Who series finale being on just beforehand as well.  Did I mention I was excited? I was really excited!  I was so excited throughout the whole event, Twitter actually started blocking my tweets for a while as I'd tweeted so much in a short period of time. I was EXCITED!

And being that excited, enjoying something that much, results in The Migraine Punishment.
I woke up this morning feeling very hungover - I hadn't touched a drop of alcohol the night before (I extremely rarely do) and so I knew this was a bad sign.  I rested up, drank plenty and went into full migraine prevention mode.  That didn't stop it though and it reached the treatment window by 6pm (yes that is therefore the whole day of feeling awful and the pain just gradually getting worse and worse before I can actually treat it).  My meds seem to have worked so my big hope now is that they've fully aborted it and I'm fit for work tomorrow but I am just so bummed by The Migraine Punishment.

The more I'm excited about something, the more I enjoy it at the time, the bigger the punishment the following day and I can't just stop enjoying the things I enjoy for the fear of that punishment, I can't put my life on hold because of The Migraine Punishment.

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