Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Coming Soon - Migraine Awareness Week!

Every year the fabulous people at The Migraine Trust promote Migraine Awareness Week which will be happening from the 1st to 7th September this year.

You can follow the conversations of the week by using the hashtag #morethanjustaheadache which epitomises the message from The Migraine Trust.

For my part, I shall be following the lead of the wonderful Migraine Blogger Victoria of Migraine Monologues as she has used the inspiration of the blog prompts from the American Migraine and Headache Awareness Month in June to create her own blog prompts for Migraine Awareness Week.

The first of these prompts will mean that I will be, terrifyingly, posting a photograph of myself, onto the internet (which as we all know is forever) during a migraine.  I never had any inclination to photograph my pain but did in my most recent migraine especially for that post. Read at your peril!

Furthering my immortality onto the internet, I'll also take this moment to tell you about the Travelling Diary which is a project run by The Migraine Trust.
There are, in fact, several diaries, all of which are sent out to migraine sufferers all around the UK who then fill in two or three pages of words they wish to share with other sufferers.
All of the entries are then published on Flickr for all to see.
I was sent the diary myself and filled it in on the 2nd of June this year.  You can read the entry for yourself if you're interested in seeing what I wrote.

For now, so long, and you'll see me soon blogging for Migraine Awareness Week!

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