Saturday, 3 August 2013

Small Milestones

So I think it's really important with a chronic condition to really recognise the small milestones because they're actually really big and positive things in that scale.

I had my latest migraine come upon me on Thursday meaning I had to go home from work at lunchtime and my meds didn't abort it so I had to miss work on Friday whilst I rode it out as well.

This felt really bad, not only missing work but also having my meds fail again when they'd been pretty reliable for a while, but I've decided not to focus on these things and instead celebrate the really good things to come out of this.

Great thing number one: I had managed over six weeks at work without missing a day which is a fantastic stretch and something I'm really pleased about.

Great thing number two: It had been a whopping eleven days since my last migraine!! I hadn't had a gap this big between migraines since March and they've been gradually decreasing since the end of June so this gives me a lot of hope on migraine frequency going forwards.

Great thing number three: Although the meds failed to abort this migraine, they work on the majority of them which means I'm able to be in work so much more than I used to be before I found the right triptan for me.

I had to cancel plans to see a show I'd been looking forward to for ages in Leeds with friends and to see my family and nephew who I hardly ever get to see because travelling is a major trigger for me and they live so far away which was really disappointing and frustrating so I really need to focus on the positives of the milestones from this migraine and hope that things continue to improve for the future.

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  1. It's tough, isn't it? A lot of two steps forward, one step back kinda stuff. Glad to hear you're having less headaches these days. I had a terrible May (I was basically bedridden) but I'm a ton better these days. Hope it keeps up :)