Tuesday, 11 June 2013

MHAM Day 14 - Letters to Juliet

Today's prompt is to write a thank you note to someone who has helped me.

So my post today is a letter to my husband Chris.


I know that you never signed-up for a partner with chronic migraine when we met; I was healthy back then and neither of us had any way of knowing what was to come.

I can't imagine how difficult it must be for you to live with and support me through my condition with no end in sight for it.  So many of the plans we made together have never happened, so many of the things you want to be doing in your life and together with me can't happen or are constantly cancelled, never knowing day-to-day whether today is going to be a day when I'm down for the count or whether you might get to spend a few moment of precious quality time with me.

What I truly can't conceive of though, is having been through this without you.

You are my rock, who I can always rely on, no matter what.  I know your first priority is always my health, even if it isn't mine.  You have spent so much of your time and energy to look after me when I'm sick and to do everything possible to mitigate the migraines in the first place.  You even go and sleep somewhere else if that's what's best for me, without complaint or without me even needing to ask.  You spend so much more time and energy on making me happy and as healthy and looked-after as possible than you do yourself.

It would haven taken me so much longer to even seek treatment in the first place if you hadn't made me go to the doctors, and then keep on going back when what they gave me wasn't good enough.  My treatment would have been greatly set back from where it is now if you hadn't made me take that action as early on as you did and if you hadn't held my hand the whole way through.

You are my motivation to be healthy, you are the thing which gets me through each migraine and you are the only person in the world who understands me.

Thank you for being so amazing.  Some people have said they don't know how I manage to cope with my condition, but I do; I cope because I have you, in the bad times and the good times, always my samurai.

I Love You.


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