Wednesday, 5 June 2013

MHAM Day 5 - Carousel

Today's prompt is the most famous song from Carousel - You'll Never Walk Alone.  That's not to say this is a day to talk about Liverpool F.C. (perhaps to my Mum's disappointment), but rather I feel it is about those I have found who share my illness.

I didn't realise that I had a big hole in my support network for my migraines until it was filled.  I have an extremely supportive husband and very understanding and supportive friends.  I have a good GP since I moved to York two years ago and I've been seeing a migraine and headache specialist clinic at the hospital here for 18 months.

One day though, when I was on twitter, I stumbled across a lady called Victoria with the twitter name of @migrainemonolog.  From there I followed through to her blog, Migraine Monologues.
Wow, I was in tears almost immediately when I looked at her blog.  I had started with her still very new Migraineur of the Month section and so I was reading a few posts from a few different people talking about their migraine experiences.  It was so powerful, it was like someone just took the lid off the box I hadn't realised I was trapped inside.

Victoria quickly introduced me to some other fellow sufferers on twitter, most of whom also have blogs although not exclusively about migraines.  It was incredible, I really can't explain how amazing it was then to talk to other people who suffer day in, day out, with the same ailment as I do.

I chat to this bunch of fabulous ladies on twitter every day; we talk about the meds we're trying, things which work for us, things which don't, how we're feeling today, what we're doing at the moment, etc etc.  Just talking to people who understand so completely about the things I go through every day and who can truly emphasise when the migraines hit is so much more powerful that I believed possible.

Victoria also started a Migraine Book Club, and we will be discussing the second book on Monday and I'm so excited to chat about a migraine book with fellow migraine sufferers.  It was fantastic when we talked about the last one and I just can't wait even to have a group of us in a chat room together again.
The hole I didn't realise was there has been filled well and truly as it was because of these ladies that I now have my own migraine blog; that's something that I never would have considered before I met them but so I'm happy that I now have it as it's such a good medium for me to help understanding by those around me and for other sufferers to know that they're not alone either.

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