Monday, 2 September 2013

Migraine Awareness Week 2013 - Little Shop of Horrors: "Feed Me, Seymour"

Today's blog prompt is in honour of one of my favourite musicals, The Little Shop of Horrors.  If you haven't seen it, go and watch it now!

Today's Prompt is Little Shop of Horrors: "Feed Me, Seymour"

For today's blog, Victoria has asked about whether we have any migraine comfort foods or whether we follow any special eating plan.

I confessed in a previous post how the only food I can usually bear to eat during a migraine is a McDonald's McChicken Sandwich.  Not exactly healthy but everything you think about eating just turns your stomach then you eat what you can.

Sometimes I'm able to eat normal food during a migraine, although every bite has to be forced down.  Sometimes all I can eat is some raw baby corn.  Trying to force myself to eat during a migraine is a battle I face all the time and a stress my husband has to go through every time as well.

With regards to a special eating plan, the advice I received from The Headache Clinic at the hospital is to eat little and often to try and level out my blood sugars as simply missing a meal can be enough to trigger a migraine.  I don't have a large, or even an average appetite though.  In order to try and achieve this I often have to force myself to eat even if it makes me feel sick making food more of a chore than a pleasure.

I haven't found any particular foods themselves to be trigger foods for me but the types of foods which are common triggers I try to have only in moderation in case an excess of them causes a migraine for me, and I've definitely found that alcohol (and sadly, in particular beer) is a trigger for me so I'm pretty much teetotal as a result.

Food feels like more of an enemy in my life than something sustaining me but I hope my relationship with food gets better in the future.

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Migraine Awareness Week is 1-7 September and is dedicated to trying to educate people that Migraine is more than just a headache and to try and raise money for Migraine research.
The Migraine Trust are funding a dedicated migraine research programme - the only programme of its kind in the UK.  They need £130,000 to fully fund their new line of research and one hour of research can be funded by a donation of £35.63.  Please donate to The Migraine Trust if you are able to and hopefully this research could bring us all closer to a cure.

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