Monday, 2 September 2013

Migraine Awareness Week 2013 - Mamma Mia: “Money Money Money”

Today's blog prompt musical is Mamma Mia which my Mum and I went to see without knowing it was such a Mother/Daughter show beforehand so I remember that trip fondly :)

Today's Prompt is Mamma Mia: “Money Money Money”

Specifically how migraine has affected my finances.

Migraines have heavily impacted my finances.  The largest way it has had an impact has been on my earning potential as I have been forced to leave the career path I was on which was as a Project Manager and go back to being a systems support analyst, more than halving my income.

I obviously spend a lot of money on the prescriptions for all the medications I am on, both preventative medications and the ones to treat the attacks themselves.  There are a lot of other ways in which migraine affects my finances but I went into that in a previous post in June for the American Migraine Awareness Month so if you'd like to read more about it then please read my post from then.

I do however, feel grateful that I don't live in the USA and have limitations on how many medications I can have imposed by an insurance company or have insurance refused and have to pay for all of my medications.  I don't believe the NHS system is wholly right though.  For cases of a chronic illness which doesn't have a cure or isn't going to go away, such as migraine, I believe that prescriptions for that specific illness should be free on the NHS.

Migraine Awareness Week is 1-7 September and is dedicated to trying to educate people that Migraine is more than just a headache and to try and raise money for Migraine research.
The Migraine Trust are funding a dedicated migraine research programme - the only programme of its kind in the UK.  They need £130,000 to fully fund their new line of research and one hour of research can be funded by a donation of £35.63.  Please donate to The Migraine Trust if you are able to and hopefully this research could bring us all closer to a cure.

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