Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Month in Review - April 2013

So March hadn't been a great month, my eye problem was back and I'd been grieving. I was hoping April would be better but sadly I was wrong.

As you can see, there were only five days in total this month where I wasn't in pain and by the end of the month where I am now then those days feel so long ago I can't remember them anymore.

I had six separate migraine attacks this month making it a very bad month.

The first was brought on by a strenuous day in bright sunshine.  My meds initially worked but it returned overnight and I had to ride out the full three days of it.  That meant that I had to miss work on Mon the 8th which was frustrating but as I'd made it through all of March without having to miss a day of work then I wasn't too worried about it.
That night though, I had one of my bouts of insomnia.  I managed to eventually get three hours of sleep before then going to work with a migraine hangover which made the hangover day feel even worse than usual.  Getting through a full day of work with a bad migraine hangover having only got three hours sleep the night before left me completely wiped but I was up and back at work the next morning.  That ended up being too much for me though and by the time I finished work I was back into another migraine.  The meds worked this time though thankfully.

I then picked up a cold.  One of those colds where your nose is just constantly running which meant I was losing fluids that was and I had to keep even more hydrated.  With a cold, or any illness, though comes a migraine and with a day off work on the 12th, along came the migraine too, writing off a day which was meant to be relaxing to help prevent the migraines.

My cold left me on the 15th and finally so did the pain giving me a day with no headache of any kind.

The respite didn't last long though with the next few days building very slowly up to a migraine on the 20th which at least held out until the weekend before starting.  Unfortunately though, I'd used up my allowance of medication days (I'm only allowed 6 medication days in a rolling month according to my specialist at the York Hospital Headache Clinic) meaning I couldn't take any meds for the migraine and I had to ride out the three days without anything to even take the edge off it.  That meant having to miss work on the Monday as well but I was just thankful it was only the one day off and I hadn't had to ride out the full three days all on work days.

With things really busy at work, I tried to make up for the time I'd been off and I put in some extra time and ended up working for over 10 hours on the 24th.  That was a mistake though it didn't feel like a bad thing at the time but maybe it was just a change of routine that was enough to push me over the limit when I was obviously already close to the edge as it was.
On the 25th while I was at work, hunched over at my desk trying to fight the pain swarming into my head, my colleagues wisely told me to get myself home.  I think I left it a little too late though since the meds initially worked but the migraine returned in the evening.  A second dose seemed to get rid of it but the pain woke me at 4am and it was another day of work missed on the 26th causing me great frustration but that frustration would only be counter-productive to my recovery so I tried to put that out of my mind.

It was intermittent the following day on the 27th meaning I saw a little of the weekend and even managed to go to a local fabric shop with some friends but I had another attack trigger by the evening on the 28th, a Sunday night, making me panic that I was going to have to miss yet another day of work the following day to a separate migraine to that which had made me miss the previous working day.
Thankfully though the meds worked and I was back in work again on the Monday morning.

That wasn't the end of that attack though, as the pain grew and grew throughout the day at work and by the end of the day I was in a great deal of pain again, very close to normal migraine pain.

That then brings me to today.  I've had a low-level headache all day which is taking its toll on me by the evening now and I've been a bit depressed today as it feels like so long since I felt normal, since I felt like me again, since I wasn't in pain.

April has been a bad month and I'm not sure what exactly has made it so bad.  I had a cold which I know didn't help, my eye problem has been persistent but at least it has been consistent (not worsening like it was through March) but I think the thing causing the migraines to keep recurring the most might have been my insistence of being at work as much as possible and not really allowing myself to fully recover.  There's not much I can do about that though, if I don't have the actual migraine then I can't call in sick to work and I've been as restful as possible when I haven't been at work but I think I have to try to keep to regular hours at work even when there's lots to do and I'm feeling capable of staying to do them.

Here's to a hopefully better month to come!

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