Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Month in Review - March 2013

So at the end of each month I'm going to review how my month has been with regards to migraines.
I'm starting with March 2013 to give a little more context to the month which just finished.

This is how I track my migraines and headaches.  I've been doing it this way since they started three and a half years ago though it's only recently I started recording the headaches as well as the migraines.

I had four migraine attacks in March which is about average as I was previously having 2-4 attacks a month.  What was memorable about March was the neverending headache you can see that started on 11th March, the day I received the news that my uncle had died suddenly.
One of the many migraine threshold lowerers is grief and I was holding that grief inside from the time I got the news until the day of the funeral.  It burst into a migraine on the 15th at the end of a very long week but a big dose of ibuprofen at the very beginning combined with a heavily steamed shower held it back.
The funeral was on the 21st and the migraine arrived at the wake meaning I had to leave quickly and before I wanted to.
It returned twice on the 22nd, once at 1am in the morning and again in the evening whilst I was at the theatre but thankfully I was able to be at work in between.

The migraine on the 4th was pretty standard fare, it came on overnight so the pain woke me in the early morning.  I took my meds and slept some more but I was able to go in to work, albeit a little later than planned and it was caused by hormones as I took my 9 weekly pill break.

The one on the 31st was similar but without sleeping right after taking my meds I was sleepy and tired all day and I was fast asleep by early evening, essentially writing off the day for anything enjoyable or any chores.

February had been a good month so March was disappointing but I mostly put that down to my uncle's sudden and unexpected death - something which certainly won't be happening every month!  My eye problem came back towards the end of February as well and it was worsening throughout March and I believe that also exacerbated the migraines.

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