Saturday, 8 June 2013

MHAM Day 11 - Twilight

Today's Migraine and Headache Awareness Month Blog Challenge prompt is a bit of a silly one but as anyone who knows me knows, I do like silliness!  The prompt is whether there are any vampire or werewolf powers I would like to have to help me cope with migraines and headaches.

There's an awful lot of powers in the Twilight books for vampires and werewolves so there's a lot there to choose from.  Spoiler warning, if you haven't read the books and/or seen the films and you want to and don't want to be spoilered, please stop reading now.

Well, as long as you're sure, please do carry on reading :)

The vampires in Twilight are all very fast, which I don't think would help me except when I need to get to a place of rest quickly. They're cold to the touch which means they won't feel the cold which would be nice as I feel the cold a lot but that wouldn't really help my migraines and headaches.  They avoid the sun as their skin sparkles in it; I avoid the sun as it can cause migraines for me but they're no more gifted at avoiding the sun than I am really so that wouldn't be much use either.  They're very strong which wouldn't really help me either and they never sleep but sleep is often my only respite from pain so I'd like to keep that please!  The vampires are all more beautiful versions of themselves too, which would be nice of course, but wouldn't help my migraines at all.  They have excellent hearing and vision as well which I think would be a hindrance rather than a help during a migraine so I'll pass on those too.

The werewolves are always warm, which as I said before I feel the cold, that would be nice too but it would just make me a little bit more comfortable whilst still being in agony.  They can obviously turn into wolves and if that would fix my migraines then I'd happily turn into one too. The group mind wouldn't work very well though as the rest of the pack would be hearing a constant moan or scream from me so I'll pass on that one thanks.

Edward's mindreading power wouldn't be much use except to perhaps know who was giving me genuine sympathy and who was secretly thinking "it's just a headache" but I think I'd rather not know that to be honest!

Bella's power is a little more interesting; her power is shielding and so I wonder if that would include shielding the brain from pain or whether that pain is coming from so much within myself that it couldn't be shielded from.

Alice's foresight power could well be useful though.  She sees the future based on decisions people make so maybe that would allow me to manage to take my medication at the right time or see if going to work when I'm not feeling good results in triggering or re-triggering a migraine or just to make sure I go home from work when migraine is coming rather than thinking I can last a bit longer and suffering for it later.

I wonder if Jane's ability to psychically project pain onto others could be used to transfer migraine pain.  If so then it'd be potentially be nice but I don't know anyone who I dislike so much that I would want to do that to them.

I'm sure there are others I haven't thought of too but it looks like there's a few powers which might be handy but on the whole I don't think I'd be particularly better off if I were a vampire or a werewolf, and that's not a sentence you hear people saying every day!

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