Saturday, 15 June 2013

MHAM Day 15 - Harry Potter

Today's prompt got me excited when I first saw it - Harry Potter!  For anyone who doesn't know me, I'm a huge Harry Potter fan!

The picture above is drawn by a very talented friend of ours, Stephanie Burrows-Fox and was used as one of a pair (the other at the bottom of this post) on our Hogwarts themed wedding invitations last year.

The details of the prompt then said that the idea is to create a Harry Potter spell to get rid of migraine attacks.  That's a little on the trickier side than just blathering on about Harry Potter as I could easily do all day.

Not being much of a creative wordsmith myself, I requested the help of my husband for this particular task.  He doesn't love the books as much as I do but he very much likes them and has taken a particular interest in how magic works in the world Jo Rowling created with a mind to being able to run a roleplaying game in that world, so I knew he was well placed to come up with a good spell.

He looked into the origins of the word migraine, like Jo Rowling did for so many of her spells.  A lot of her spells come from latin origins but she has created spells from many origins so I believe she will have researched the etymology of words related to the actions of the spells she wished to create until she found something she felt was right.

With this in mind, my husband looked into the etymology of the word 'migraine' and according to this is where the word comes from:
Late 14c., megrim, from Old French migraigne (13c.), from vulgar pronunciation of Late Latin hemicrania "pain in one side of the head, headache," from Greek hemikrania, from hemi- "half" + kranion "skull". The Middle English form was re-spelled 1777 on the French model.
He decided to take the 'megrim' origin form and combined this with the idea of minimising the migraine and created:


Maybe I should get one of my wands out (yes I have several) at the start of my next attack and see if it works!  I can see a new twitter hashtag coming from this one too...

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