Monday, 3 June 2013

MHAM Day 3 - The Hunger Games

You'd be forgiven for thinking this post is going to be either about food or about putting 24 migraine sufferers in an arena and watching them try to kill each other when they're not hiding in dark caves screaming in pain.
It's actually to do with the classic phrase used by Effie Trinket in The Hunger Games of "May the odds be ever in your favour." In other words, how do I better my odds against the dreaded migraines.

I've actually already written about My Everyday Life with Migraines which talks about the things I do every day to try to keep my thresholds high and the migraines at bay.

Sometimes though, I have to do things which I know is almost guaranteed to trigger a migraine and there's little I can do about that but I do make sure I'm prepared for it and treat the migraine at the earliest possible point to try and abort it from the start and allow me to carry on.  That worked well recently at the UK Games Expo but not quite as well on my anniversary weekend where the migraine came on overnight so by the time the pain woke me it was a bit too far gone for my treatment to completely abort it.

I'm always willing to try new things that will help to ward off the migraines and I thankfully have understanding friends who don't take it personally when I can't come and see them, cancel at the last minute or have to leave early.  Often these acts are more about bettering my odds than because of an actual attack at the time - not doing the activity that I know will lead to a migraine.

Bettering my odds of not having migraines can have the opposite problem sometimes as well of course, when it's so stressful trying to do, or not do, all the things to prevent a migraine happening that the stress causes a migraine!

I doubt there's any chronic migraine sufferer who doesn't dedicate a lot of their time and energy to bettering their odds and I daresay the things that I do will change over the lifetime of my migraines, but for now the things I do to better my odds are already covered in this blog and I continue to do them, every single day.

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  1. I keep looking for better odds. My own list is enormous, but yet - here we are. Good luck in having more good days than icky ones!

  2. As a chronic migraine sufferer of many yrs, I've noticed my migraines, as well as my triggers have changed since I first remember being plagued by them. One, they weren't chronic, & back then I could "sleep" the majority off; the rest my Mom would try to help soothe away ... after all, it's a family legacy. ;) I sure do miss those days!! It's true that it's so hard to find a happy medium with stress , triggers, etc. There's the bad stress & then the good stress. GOOD STRESS? A TRIGGER? *sigh* I spent one vacation barfing all the way there, I was sooo excited. It's a tough balance, harder than walking a high rope in a circus many times. But, I'm happy to say, I'm having more good days than bad! YAY!