Sunday, 2 June 2013

MHAM Day 2 - X-Men: Migraine & Headache Disorders Super Heroes

Today's prompt for the Migraine and Headache Awareness Month Blog Challenge is about the superheroes in our lives.

Well I'm sure I've mentioned more than a couple of times in this blog, just how incredible my husband is.

It's no easy thing to be the partner of someone with a chronic illness and I think even more so a chronic episodic illness.
When we first met, I didn't have migraines. When we fell in love, neither of us knew that the future was going to hold such a life-changing thing for us. I wouldn't have blamed him at all if he'd decided that the migraines were just more than he could deal with and he wanted to bail out now.

He hasn't done that though.  Instead he's supported me to the best of his ability, he's changed everything about our lives to best benefit me and my health and he's learnt everything he can about my condition to try to help in the best way he can.

Not only does he try to do everything he can for me when I have the migraines themselves, he fully understands migraine prevention measures and orders me to rest when I feel guilty I'm not helping with things.  He is often better at helping to prevent migraines than I am, not least by often recognising that I'm getting a migraine when I haven't realised it yet myself!  This means I take my medication in time on those occasions and manage to stop the migraine in its tracks, a huge difference!

I'd like him to write a post on this blog at some point himself to explain what it's like to be married to someone with a chronic episodic illness.  As frustrating as it is for me to have to cancel plans at the last minute, I can't help but think it must be even more frustrating for him as he doesn't get to do the fun things that are planned and instead has to look after me and watch me suffer in pain which I know breaks his heart and must make him feel helpless.

Today is our first wedding anniversary and this time last year I know we were both just so relieved that I didn't suffer a migraine on the day of the wedding which was both of our biggest fear for the day.  We were hoping to be trying for kids by this point but my health still being so bad has meant we've had to postpone those plans and I worry we'll never be able to have them and that will be something else I've taken from him.

He is my superhero who makes my life happy and worthwhile between the migraines and makes the migraines themselves more bearable and I thank the gods every day that I've been so lucky to have found him.

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